Major League Baseball 2K8 builds upon 2007's effort with revamped controls, visuals, physics, and play modes. Your favorite stars from around the league feature new animations in batting stances, walk-ups, celebrations, and more with refinements to 2K7's "Signature Style." Baltimore chops, bloopers, seeing-eye singles, and other hit types are now based on Inside Edge data from actual games. Defense has also seen some attention in 2K8, with improved double play animations and a more intuitive analog-based throwing system. Once a runner is on, you can steal, hit-and-run, and tag with more simplified base running controls and improved artificial intelligence.

On the mound, you'll deliver the ball with a new timing-based mechanic that makes use of the right analog stick. In addition to the key play modes from 2K7, Major League Baseball 2K8 introduces a minor league system -- 90 teams in total -- for use in both exhibition and franchise modes. Over 20 authentic minor league stadiums are also included, with the ability to download additional venues after the game's release. A new baseball card game, referred to as "2K Cards," involves unlocking and trading digital cards to complete a collection. Veteran ESPN announcers Jon Miller and Joe Morgan reprise their broadcasting duties for 2K8, and online owners can once again challenge baseball fans from around the world. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide