Game Breaking News - 04.13.10

Tim Tebow, Infinity Ward, and Silicon Knights

by 00.19

Series Game Breaking News

When the chips are down, and you've got no one left to depend on, Game Breaking News is there. When it seems like the world has turned its shoulder on you, Game Breaking News is there. When a college football athlete who was almost aborted when he was a baby makes the cover of a major video game, or some government gives a terrible developer a tax break, Game Breaking News is there. The question is, where are you when Game Breaking News calls at three in the morning because it needs a ride home from the bar because it's too drunk?

Game Breaking News is Gamervision's video game news show. It airs twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and features the week's most important headlines, as well as editorials on the state of the gaming union, in addition to hard-hitting interviews. Taking the place of the site's original video game news show, OMGTWWFTW, Game Breaking News pushes gaming journalism to the limit, and doesn't look back. Lead anchor Luke Brown fronts an assault on your brain, and is backed up by Jonathan Cooper's awkward industry analyses, and Dominic Moschitti's high-octane opinion pieces. Your mother may not approve of you watching, but that's okay since we're totally doing her while your dad's at work.

Directed by: Timmy Frisch, Paul Ritchey
Edited by: Paul Ritchey
Effects by: Joe Williams, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey
Written by: Luke Brown, Sarah LeBoeuf
Music courtesy of: Chromelodeon, Municipal Waste, Nikkita Patterson

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  • Sarah

    Wow, people HATE unaborted babies.

  • QMarc80

    I love posting this photo!

  • Hey_Nick_Murphy

    I lol'ed so hard. Nice job.

  • Deadpool

    When News Breaks. Gamervision Fixes it.

    Too Human cost $80 million to make.

    Think about that.

  • Sean

    Are they weird? Are they nuts? Are they crazy?

  • TheKindOwner

    They filmed that abortion commercial at my school


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