Gamestop Rewards Program Hitting This Year

The Rumors Are True.

by 00.19

If you've shopped at Gamestop in the last few years, and just so happened to give them your e-mail address during that time, you may have received a message asking you to take a survey about a potential rewards program the retailer was hoping to implement. Well, as it turns out that survey has led to a real rewards program, which is likely to go into effect nationwide by the end of this year. According to multiple sources, there will be two tiers available: one for everyone, and one that can only be earned by frequent use of the basic card.

Apparently, the rewards card will replace the current Edge card, which currently gives 10% bonuses on trades and used game sales, and will present customers with a point-based incentive system to earn some more valuable coupons, gift cards, and some other as-yet-unnamed prizes. No final price has been given, but since it's going to take the place of the Edge card, I'm guessing this new card is still going to cost around $15, but with all the added benefits, it's hard not to quantify the value. There aren't many more details at the moment, but over the course of the next few months, we can likely expect to see more information popping up at local chains.

I mean listen, I know that a lot of people really don't like Gamestop, but this new card might actually get me shopping there more regularly. Sad as it is, that's exactly what they want. As a retailer, customer loyalty is pretty important, as is repeat business. If I can continually shop at a store that's going to give me something back in return for the money I spend there, I'm much more likely to continue shopping there than I am somewhere else. It makes sense, and I'm actually surprised it took Gamestop so long to come up with a program like this. At least now when someone tries to offer me an Edge card, I'll be inclined to listen, instead of just blowing them off.

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  • Zantagor

    I'm not going to EBGames/Gamestop much these days. They used to have the best price around in the past, but now... they're sometimes 10$ more expensive than else where these days.

    Heck, Way of the Samurai 3 was 60$ at local shop Gamebuzz and even Futureshop, while it was being sold 70$ new AND used at EBGames. And that's just 1 sample. (let's not discuss the used games that are a mere 3 to 5$ less than the new copies)

  • Veggie Jackson
    Veggie Jackson

    I'm there at least once a week anyway; this will probably save me a bunch of money. Thanks, GameStop!

  • Mikhailov

    I actually like my two local Gamestops. I know the workers by name, and they know mine. They talk to me about the games I bought last time I was there, and one of them offered to help me in WKC when I begin playing.

    The other local GameStop just has a very hot girl working there.

  • QMarc80

    I guess this can justify more visits [and purchases up them] once this hits. My purchases, though fewer these days, still wind up from Gamestop. I'm glad they finally hopped onto this particular wagon. Feels like it should have been there longer.

  • Sean

    Whatever. So long as I still get my Game Informer I don't care.

  • PimpToast

    I already spend so much money in GameStop, this is a definite for me.

  • selly

    I'm there every week so at least I have some incentive.


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