Sony Planning a PSPgo Relaunch?

Publisher Hopes to Rekindle Interest

by Coop

It's safe to say that the PSPgo hasn't had the reception that was expected of it. Sales haven't been crazy, and most seem to have completely ignored the system's launch entirely. With this kind of negativity surrounding the PSPgo, it's no wonder that Sony wants to do something about it. According to someone close to Sony, they are. Sources have confirmed with Gamervision that a PSPgo "relaunch" is imminent, complete with a marketing blitz in hopes to rekindle some sort of excitement over the handheld. What else will the relaunch entail? There are a number of possibilities, and there's little doubt a price drop might be among them.

Even when compared to the other issues the PSPgo has, the high price seems to be paramount for keeping it out of gamers' hands. It's more expensive than the other models by almost $100, and doesn't even have all of the content the regular system has. Even if they don't drop the price, a massive media blitz would be a great idea, and odds are whatever is done will have a healthy dose of Kevin Butler as well. Those ads seem to have struck a cord with fans and haters alike, especially when compared to the companies earlier attempts at advertising.

We're not certain when this is supposed to start, but with GDC right around the corner I'd expect to hear a little more in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

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  • HeyKidNiceRobot

    They can relaunch all they want, but as long as the hardware is limited and they don't fix their content distribution system, no one will want one of these.

  • Sarah

    They need to do something, they really shit the bed with that one.

  • QMarc80

    Would be nice to not be one of TWO people that own it that I know of (Mikhailov is the other one!).

  • 00.19

    wonder how they plan to do this.

  • Sean

    In future news, Sony wastes money on PSPgo relaunch.

  • Fite

    thatd be me =(

  • QMarc80

    Sucks to be us, doesn't it?

  • Fite

    its a good mp3 player =D

  • Mikhailov

    @QMarc: I wish it weren't sitting on my computer desk, the novelty long gone.

  • loltim

    Would turning your UMDs into digital downloads for free assuage everyone's complaints? Seems like it would satisfy most people. Also seems like it would be relatively cheap/easy to do. Just sayin...

  • RockyRoRocky

    I am a former PSP owner (2 systems, one broken and one stolen); I miss playing portable so bad. I would consider buying a PSPGo but lets just wait for what Sony has under its sleeve.... Hope is attractive. Otherwise, I am waiting for a PSP2 or buying a PSP slim (again).
    By the way, I also own a PS3; wouldn't be fair (awesome) if the digital downloads for the PSP through PS3(PSN) allow you to play the PSP games both on the PS3 and the PSP? Give me that, and $100 off on the PSP GO and ... it is a GO for me, baby!


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