Mega Man Online Mentioned in Capcom Investor Report

Don't Get Too Excited

by Jonathan H. Cooper

According to an investor report issued today, Capcom and Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea are developing an online game currently going by the title Mega Man Online. The document, entitled "Overview of Strategies and Plans Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2001," lists the goals of Capcom for the rest of the fiscal year. It doesn't really go into any details beyond listing ways they plan to expand (which doesn't make for good reading unless you're heavily invested in the company), making the mention of Mega Man Online stand out even more. It's in a section of the document called "Enlarge the business model by concentrating on online game businesssiness," and comes after a mention to start more operations in overseas countries.

Before anyone gets too excited at the prospect of the Blue Bomber getting a full fledged, it's worth looking at other sections of the document, and researching the past of Neowiz. Let's just say you shouldn't expect to be playing World of Mega Man anytime soon.

In an earlier section of the document, it's mentioned that the publisher plans to "Increase activities aimed at expanding PC online game operations in Asia." This, when mixed in with Neowiz's history with EA in developing the free-to-play Battlefield Online (not to be confused with Battlefield Heroes) overseas, means that this game simply might not be for us. In fact, it might never make it over to the states, since there are likely a large number of more qualified development teams who they'd tap for help if they were making a version of this game for Western (or, for that matter, Japanese) audiences.

Then again, there's always the chance that this is, indeed, the Mega Man MMO we've always wanted. Odds are it won't be too long until we find out. We'll keep you posted.


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