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Today on the Dairy: Machete Vs. Arizona, Ironing Man and Microsoft Office!

Hey! I'm A TV!


Dammit, TV. Why you got to be such a high maintenance girlfriend with the voice of a super annoying nervous dude? If it wasn't for years of experience in manipulating me with such precise calculation, I would have sworn you were just that dog from the Beggin' Strips commercials.


Next time I feel your icy cold paid for by advertising hands wrapping around my brain, I'm going to throw bacon at you. That's right. Real bacon.

And then I'll eat the bacon because you're a TV and TVs can't eat bacon.

Thanks to Brian who actually works in TV!


Make Your iPhone

Friends. I have a confession.

I have been tempted by the iPhone!

Allow me to explain. I paid a visit to my local Verizon store last weekend to take a peek at the new LG EnV3. I have the EnV2 and I do believe it is my favorite phone that I have ever had the pleasure of using. Now, I'm a purist when it comes to my cellphone. I want it to make calls, send texts and maybe, just maybe, take a decent picture when I see a stupid vanity license plate or a cute cat. That's it. I have a computer. I have an iPod Touch. I don't need anything else.

That's when they broke it to me. I would have to sign up for a data plan for my possible future phone. Noooooooooooooooooo!

And then my mind started wandering to other lusty phones, beckoning me to throw away all of my cellphone values and run away into the future. I mean, if I really have to go the way of the data plan...

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Chances are I'll keep using mine, even if I have to duct tape it together, until it dies completely. Until then, I may or may not print out the iPhone papercraft.

Then again, I could always just talk to myself on my iPod until I make a decision. Not like I don't do that already.

[SneakMove via MOI]


Machete Vs. Arizona - Thanks For All The Press, Fox News!

Sean just sent me an instant message suggesting I go check out the front page of Fox News. This is what I saw.

That's right. Despite the over-activity of the planet, massive oil spills, the Dow plummeting 1000+ points and all those general horrors that happen daily, Machete, Robert Rodriguez's fake trailer gone full feature film, has managed to take up some very valuable space on Fox News. It's the main freakin' story.

The Machete trailer was leaked yesterday, shaking things up in the form of something we like to call social commentary based on the recent events in Arizona pertaining to certain controversial anti-immigration laws. Robert Rodriguez must be thrilled! No, seriously. You see, while Fox News uses their scare tactics to make a film that won't even be out until September (and was made last year) as an enemy to freedom and American values, they're just making it out to be even more badass and super awesome! Yeah!! Way to go, man! That is some sweet press.

If you haven't already seen the Machete, do so now.



[via FoxNews]


Ironing Man

While my mom hasn't actually seen the first Iron Man, there's still a good chance I'll be giving her the gift of Iron Man 2 for Mother's Day. It'll be fine. She loves Robert Downey Jr. almost as much as I do.

So it looks like things could have been a little different for Tony Stark had he gotten into the ironing industry instead. And by a little different, I mean exactly the same. Anyway, this is an excellent spoof trailer. Mostly because I find ironing to be mildly entertaining. Granted, I only iron perler beads.

Also, GV's Luke got a chance to see Iron Man 2 earlier this week. Go give his review a read!

[via LikeCool]


Microsoft Office Prank

Just when you thought you could dodge spending a pretty penny, BUZZZZZZZZZZ! Ha! You fell! Haaaaahahaha.

Now I've read two sets of comments in two separate locations and I have to say, shame on you YouTubers. I mean, it's hardly news that the commenters of YouTube can't have any fun (or let anyone else), but I wonder when yelling "fake" or "that chick is fugly" into the webosphere will start to get old. Anyway, point is, some of the comments on the Gizmodo front got some chuckles out of me which is extremely impressive considering I'm hot, sleepy and hungry. Kudos, educated and fun having comment leavers of the world! You rock. Well, almost as much as the basket of chips that I'll be using to shovel massive amount of salsa into my mouth will. Woo! Salsa!

As for the origins and intentions of this video, who cares? Fake or not, watching people react to sudden loud sounds is always a good time. Mostly because we ourselves are not the victims. And if this were me, I'd totally pee my pants.

[via Gizmodo]



So, this totally reminds me of some flash game I used to play when I was feeling brain dead and wanted to look at pretty colors, but in between the time I noticed a resemblance/relations of short and when I got to writing this post, I completely forgot the context of the game itself. And no, I don't remember the name of it. Take my word for it, I guess. Or, maybe if this reminds you of a specific flash game, tell me which one! I've actually been looking for the one I'm thinking of with little luck.

Vague, I know.

Anyway, how long was everyone able to keep count along with the numbers and rhythm animations? I did pretty good until like 0:40. Things got a little rough there for a moment.

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