Diablo III Shows Up on Amazon and GameStop for $59.99

Ten Extra Dollars? Outrage!

by Sarah

One of the great mysteries in life is when Blizzard will release Diablo III. What may not be a mystery, however, is the price, as both and have listed the highly anticipated PC as $59.99, a full ten dollars more than the usual fifty dollar ceiling for computer games. While this certainly isn't the first PC game to launch with a sixty-dollar price point, ten extra dollars usually nets the gamer some sort of bonus content or collector's edition. Is Blizzard charging more just because it can? Or are PC games finally going to catch up with console games in price, making it no longer the go-to system for cheaper games?

While this might mean absolutely nothing, and may not even be 100% accurate, it seems unlikely that multiple retailers would list it at the $59.99 price point without some information to back it up. It's been a few years since current-gen games made $59.99 the norm for big budget releases, at least for the 360 and PS3 (Wii games have remained at last gen's ceiling of $49.99). This could be a sign of the times--or it could be Activision's evil, money-hungry influence. That's just rampant speculation, but doesn't seem completely unlikely. For the PC gamers out there, will the higher price point affect your purchases at all, either for this game or computer games in general? Would anyone not buy this game because of the price?

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  • Slim Reaper10
    Slim Reaper10

    in other braking news, fish still swim.

  • Coop


  • toncij

    They forget that there are torrents as well, that can easily fill the gap of that extra $10. Activision-Blizzard is an arrogant company nowdays.

  • Raccoonacorn

    Ten bucks or not, you know that the mouth-foaming hordes of nerds will purchase this game regardless of price. Especially if it has similar longevity to D2 (which I still play yearly).


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