New Activision Spider-man Game on the Way

"Web of Shadows" Appearing Sometime This Year

by Sarah

Fans of Activision’s Spider-man video games will soon have something else to be happy about. Activision has just announced the next game based on everyone’s favorite comic web-slinger, which will be called Spider-man: Web of Shadows. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise, given that Activision hinted at a new Spider-man game earlier this year, but this is the first information we have received about it.

Not much else is known about Web of Shadows at this time, but we will be following this game as it develops. Gamervision has also been informed that Activision will be showing off a “Marvel-based video game” at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, so perhaps it will be this mysterious new Spider-man game. We will be talking to Activision at Comic Con and taking a look at the game, so stay tuned to Gamervision for more info.

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  • Ninjapino

    Dude, I am a HUGE Spidey fan! I hope they keep (don't see a reason they wouldn't) the open-world web-slinging.

  • Coop

    Web of Shadows sounds like a Tom Clancy game.

  • Veggie Jackson
    Veggie Jackson

    I'm there. I didn't need to tell anyone that, but I'm there.

  • WiNG

    Saw it on Joystiq, gj Sarah... soon you will have undeniable international acclaim, muahahhahaa.

  • QMarc80

    Can't wait!


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