Toy Fair 2010: Starcraft II Statues in the Works

Old and New Characters to Be Crafted By DC Direct

by Sarah

Most gamers were surprised by Activision's recent announcement that Starcraft II would actually be coming out in 2010, so here's some more good news for fans of the series: DC Direct, who have been busy little beavers, are currently working on a line of Starcraft II statues to be out possibly by the end of the year. Four characters will be molded into collectible statues, three of whom are returning, one of whom is new: infected Kerrigan, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, and newbie Tychus.

While there's no price just yet on the statues, they will probably be more expensive than standard action figures. According to our Toy Fair reporters, they will be out in "December or so", unless the game is delayed (which would surprise absolutely no one). Gamers have already been waiting a decade for a sequel to Starcraft, so some of that excitement and anticipation is sure to carry over to sales of DC Direct's statue line-up. We'll keep you posted on the release dates and give you images when they become available. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of Gamervision's coverage of Toy Fair 2010, which will continue today and throughout the week.

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    even though these figures are pending licensor approval, what i've seen is incredibly impressive. these are much more akin to DC's World of Warcraft line then they are cold cast statues, so they're going to be affordable. and awesome.


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