Ghost of Sparta "Origins" Trailer Teases Bonus Content

The Nightmares That Haunt a God . . .

by Sean

In just about a month, Sony will release God of War: Ghost of Sparta, possibly the final chapter in the story of Kratos. So far, all of the screenshots and trailers that have come in advance of the game have been most impressive, with Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studios appearing to have packed a full console experience into a handheld game, similar to what they pulled of with Chains of Olympus. In the newest trailer for the game, seen above, we get some insight as to Kratos' motivation for the new title, namely revenge for the death of his brother Deimos.

If you watched all the way to the end, you caught that there will be a limited number of Ghost of Sparta games that will ship with a voucher for a downloadable Deimos skin for God of War III. Playing as Deimos not only unlocks a sweet-looking skin, Deimos is also more powerful than Kratos, being able to carry 4x the amount of health, magic, and god orbs.

If you were planning to get the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, you can take some comfort in the fact that the Deimos voucher will be included in that as well. But since both are a limited edition offer, if you want it, you'd better get there early.


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