Dragon Age II to Include First DLC With Signature Edition

Pre-Order Now To Avoid Spending Seven Bucks Later

by Veggie Jackson

Dragon Age II isn’t even out yet, but BioWare is already talking about DLC packs for the hotly anticipated sequel.  The Exiled Prince will add a new playable character, Sebastian Vael.  Players who pre-order the game in the next four days, however, will receive the content for free as part of the BioWare Signature Edition.

Sebastian Vael is described as a noble archer who joins the main character, Hawke, in an effort to avenge the murder of his family.  As Hawke, the player will decide whether to aid him in his quest, or to ignore it, and push on with the whole ”saving the world” thing. 

“Our goal for the Dragon Age II DLC is to extend Hawke's journey and the Dragon Age universe by introducing additional characters with meaningful storylines and intense, dynamic missions," Says Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Dragon Age II.  He added, “Not only will 'The Exiled Prince' allow players to experience Sebastian's powerful revenge story, but they will also be able to utilize him as a follower throughout Hawke's rise to power in Dragon Age II."

The Exiled Prince will be included in the special Signature Edition of Dragon Age II.  Players that preorder before January 11 will secure the Signature Edition and The Exiled Prince in the process, along with exclusive weapons and a downloadable game soundtrack. For everyone else, 560 ($7.00) will bring Sebastian into the fold.


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